Author: B Glover

What to Expect in a SEO & PPC Service Agency Contract

Digital services can be payed for in a number of different ways. In this blog post you’ll find out what to expect as far as pricing structures go from an seo and ppc agency. You’ll also find out what you should avoid when shopping around for seo services for your business.

SEO Payment Structures

SEO & PPC ManagementA La Carte SEO Services

Do you need link analysis or keyword research done for your website? Maybe you want a competitor analysis or a set of links building done. If you want something done just one time, then you need a contract service from your seo company. Think of it like an a la carte menu and you’re getting just what you need for your site. This is a great way to test the waters with a new seo company and see if you enjoy working with them.

Monthly SEO Packages

When you sign up for a monthly seo package for a set period of time you can count on your seo company to get a set amount of work done for your website every month. Often times this includes on page optimization, link building, press release distribution, and many other seo tactics. Every company has a different way of doing things, so talk to them and find out what’s in their package. It always pays to know what you’re getting.

SEO & PPC Consultation Services

Do you want to do the work on your site, but really have no idea what you should do. Maybe you want to set up your own ppc campaign. You can speak to an seo consultant and they’ll give you a plan of action to help improve your rank and website traffic. You can also talk to them about your ppc campaign. Don’t expect to find out how to pull the rabbit out of the hat though. Like any other profession, they’re things in the industry that people keep to themselves.

Percentage of PPC Budget

In most cases, you pay 10% to 15% of your ppc budget as a fee to your ppc manager. If your budget is $1,500, then you may $150 or up to manage your ppc campaign.

Watch Out for These SEO/ PPC No Nos

I Guarantee It

Nope, forget about this one. No one guarantee that they can put you in the #1 spot for a keyword. While they’re are many things that your seo professional can do, they’re still many things that are simply out of their control. SEO takes time and the best thing to expect is a steady incline to the first page of Google. You may end up in the #1 position, but then again you may end up in the #3 position. That’s just the way it is. Your seo provider does not own Google, nor should you expect them to give you instant results. They don’t have a magic wand, so don’t ask for a guarantee. No one can truthfully give you one. This is also the same for pay per click. You have competition to work against and every campaign is different. No one can guarantee a certain amount of leads from a ppc campaign. They can do the research and work hard to get your ad in front of people’s faces.

Rock Bottom Prices

You better pray that no one offers to do your seo or ppc for $50 a month. That’s just not something you want for your website or your business. Realistically, they couldn’t even buy you enough links to make it worth it for the both of you. Don’t be afraid to pay for quality. Remember, you’re going to generate leads from your websites, so be willing to pay for them. The lifetime value of your customer is worth the cost you pay, so don’t cheap out on it.

Looking for a New Four-legged Friend?

small shepherd puppies in a penGerman Shepherds are not only beautiful, they are highly intelligent working dogs, preceded only by the Border Collie and Standard Poodle. German Shepherds have the ability to understand and recall new commands quickly which makes them popular to use in law enforcement, herding and guarding. For owners, this results in a strong desire to please you, and sometimes a stubbornness, so make training a very important part of raising your German Shepherd.

The bottom line is your German Shepherd wants to be busy and to keep his mind stimulated. You can do this by providing him with activities and training that give him a work environment he craves. Foremost, remember that your dog is not a human and operates on instincts. They look to you for guidance and being a good leader.

It is important to remember that your dog does not communicate like a human but responds to your body language and tone of voice. In time, with repetition your dog will understand certain words you use for simple, direct commands such as “sit”, “stay”, etc. Consistency is key when training your dog. Keep your verbal commands clear and use the same word each time. Don’t confuse your dog with “come” to “come here” or “down” to “lay down”, etc. How can you expect your dog to learn if you are inconsistent? Be sure that everyone in the household is on board using the chosen correct commands with the dog.

You should begin training your dog how to behave from the moment you acquire them. It important for your dog to learn what behavior you expect of them. If you do not give them the correct education, then you cannot blame them for making mistakes. It is your job as the owner and leader to communicate with your pet.

During a training session with your dog it is important to pick a quiet place where you can control distractions—your backyard is usually a good spot. Once you and your dog are confident in commands you can change it up and begin moving to other areas with more distractions to challenge your pet.

Obedience training teaches your dog how to act at home and in social settings. Training your Shepherd is essential to avoid negative habits and behaviors from developing and causing frustration and problems for you. Positive reinforcement is huge in dog training. Please research and educate yourself on positive reinforcement methods versus physical or negative training methods. Reward good behavior with treats or praise. This shows your dog that they are on the right track and pleasing you. It is also a great motivator to continue the behavior. As you move through mastery of the wanted behaviors you can remove the treats and reward only with praise. Let your dog know they have done a good job!

Raising any dog, especially a German Shepherd is a big commitment. Be sure that you know what you are getting into and spend time researching the breed, talking to other Shepherd owners, and learning everything you can do to provide your dog the best! Don’t just jump at the first German Shepherd puppies for sale sign that you see.